1.2m EZ Spring Collar Bar

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  • Heavy Duty, Solid Stainless Steel EZ Bar with Chrome Finish.
  • Compatible with 1 inch / 25mm Diameter Weight Plates.
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Angled EZ Handles.
  • Textured Knurled Handles for Greater Grip Stability.
  • Length: 4ft / 1.2m | Bar weight: 5kg | Maximum Load Capacity: 120kg Approx.


The EZ curl bar is designed with angled & curved handle grips for a more natural, pronated bicep curl and tricep extension, reducing strain on wrist and elbow joints as well as ensuring increased isolation of the brachialis muscles.

The EZ bar is designed for use with 1 inch (25mm) weight plates. Unlike Olympic Bars, which are designed for maximal load capacity, a standard style bar is designed to support functional strength and conditioning routines to enhance overall fitness.

The EZ bicep curl bar comes equipped with textured knurled handles to provide a greater level of grip to help improve stability and control during heavy lifts.