1.2m Super Curl EZ Bar Spring Collar

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  • Curved Angle Bar for More Natural Pronation and Bicep Isolation.
  • 1 Inch Standard Barbell for use with 1 Inch (25mm) Weight Plates.
  • Textured Curved Handles For Greater Grip Stability.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Bar with Chrome Finish 
  • Length: 4ft / 1.2m | Bar weight: 6 kg. Maximum Load Capacity: 120kg Approx. Includes 2 x Spring Lock Collar


The EZ super curl bar is designed with heavily curved angle grips compared to standard EZ bars, isolating the biceps during preacher arm curls for bigger, more defined bicep muscles.

The super curl EZ bar is designed for use with 1 inch (25mm) weight plates.

The EZ bicep curl bar comes equipped with textured knurled handles to provide a greater level of grip. This helps to improve stability and control during bicep curls for improved focus and form.