Home Gym Ideas Based On Your Goals

No matter how big or small, home gyms are the perfect place to exercise and train in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

They also allow you to tailor every aspect of your exercise to your personal needs and goals, from the weight of the kettlebells you have to the type of equipment you use daily.

Today, we’re looking at the equipment available from Body Revolution that’s perfect for strength training, weight loss and muscle building.

For strength training: Cast Iron Weight plates, an Olympic 2” Dumbbell Bar and Olympic Bumper Plates are great pieces of equipment when it comes to general strength and conditioning training. They’re perfect for heavy lifting and movements such as the deadlift, presses and front squats.

When it comes to muscle building, the likes of Neoprene Kettlebells, Hexagonal Dumbbells and an Adjustable Bench are essential to ensure you can work on a range of different exercises such as bench presses, aerobic endurance exercises and more.

If losing weight is the goal, a Rule 5 Exercise Bike, Inflatable Air Track and a Free-Standing Boxing Dummy are great for getting moving and keeping healthy. 

 How to protect your home’s flooring

Protecting your home’s flooring is vital when it comes to exercising at home, as it’s likely to not be as strong or wear-resistant as the flooring in professional gyms. 

This is why it’s advised to choose gym equipment that protects the floor, such as opting for kettlebells made with neoprene coating so that it’s both protective and slip-proof.



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