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  • Arm Blasters & Bicep Blasters are designed to isolate biceps during heavy curls, taking the strain off the shoulders, reducing momentum to ensure the biceps take on all the weight to maximise effort. An ideal addition to your home gym this is an essential addition to your home workout equipment.
  • Designed for use with hex dumbbells, kettlebells, Olympic barbells and any type curl bar, the arm blaster is effective with any form of exercise that focuses on the pulling motion, concentrating all its power towards the bicep.
  • The Arm Blaster contours around the user’s torso to keep it stable, maximising control. With its heavy duty build quality, the Bicep Isolator will keep the elbows and shoulders locked in under the stress of even the heaviest dumbbells.
  • The Arm Blaster itself also features cushioned foam padding to protect the elbows from rubbing during bicep curl repetitions.
  • Designed with adjustable straps that can be used by people of different sizes and shapes.


Maximises Effort During Bicep Curls
Are you really getting the best out of your bicep curls, or are your shoulders taking the strain? Maximise effort during your bicep curls with the Body Revolution Bicep Isolator and build bulging biceps in no time.

Locks in Shoulders and Elbows to Correct Form and Posture
The bicep isolator is designed to isolate your biceps by stabilising the shoulders and locking in the elbows tight to your torso to enforce correct positioning and form so that you can focus on maximising your curls during weight training.

Built for Comfort and Support
Designed with comfort in mind, the Body Revolution Arm Blaster comes equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and cushioned neck and elbow pads to reduce chaffing and help stabilise your arms so that you can go rep after rep in style and comfort.

A Great Addition to any Home Gym
So, if you're trying to build impressive biceps, or simply just want to incorporate more arm strengthening work into your weight and fitness training, the Body Revolution Arm Blaster is a great piece of equipment to add to any home gym.