Hammer Curl Bar

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  • Heavy Duty, Solid Chrome Steel Tricep & Hammer Curl Bar
  • Compatible with 1 inch / 25mm Diameter Weight Plates.
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Cambered Handles For Greater Grip Stability.
  • Length: 86cm | Bar weight: 6.5kg | Sleeve Length: 20cm (Each Side)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 120kg Approx. Spring Collars Included.

The handle design of the tricep barbell and hammer curl bar provides a more neutral pronation during tricep and bicep curls, allowing for a more controlled grip and added stability during weight lifting workouts. The angle of the handles engages the wrists and forearms for a total arm workout as part of a varied training programme.

The tricep hammer curl bar comes equipped with cambered handles constructed with heavy duty solid steel to provide a greater level of grip to help improve stability and control during heavy lifts.

The angle of the handles on the triceps curl bar activate the brachialis in conjunction with the biceps and triceps to build stronger and bigger arms. The barbell also offers a close grip for bench/chest press exercises, emphasising further engagement of the triceps.