Olympic Bumper Plates (Colour)

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  • Solid colour rubber Olympic Bumper Plates with a stainless-steel inner ring, compatible with 2 inch barbells
  • These strength training equipment weight plates are coded by size and colour according to IWF standards
  • Perfect home gym set fitness equipment for the full range of Olympic weightlifting exercises, as well as many other strength training exercises, e.g. deadlift, bench press, rows and curls. Ideal with home bar and squat rack for home gym exercise equipment
  • Plate set with slim design to allows for maximum stacking on the Olympic barbell and minimal storage space
  • 5kg - 25kg – barbell weights set Ideal for home gym or commercial gym setups

What is an Olympic Bumper Plate?

Olympic weight plates can come in different varieties, from solid rubber to cast Iron, steel or urethane. Unlike standard weight plates for cardio and general strength and conditioning training, Olympic bumper plates are designed for use with thicker, more heavy duty and durable Olympic barbells. Because of the loading capabilities of an Olympic bar, bigger, heavier weights can be added for pure strength training, which is ideal for Olympic lifts which require compound, functional and explosive movement patterns.

Why are Olympic Bumper Plates so much Bigger than Standard Weight Plates?

Firstly, for competition purposes, the 45cm / 450mm diameter raises the bar shaft to a standard height of 211mm for starting positions. Also, due to the presumed heavy weight loading on the Olympic style bar, it is important that all plates are evenly distributed along the sleeve. Having a universal plate or disc diameter prevents any jerking of weights during heavy lifts as it reduces the effects of any slack from uneven weight plates. Also, it helps to prevent damage to the plates when dropping the bar from height, as the plates distribute the shock load more evenly.

Why Rubber Bumper Plates?

The Solid rubber compound is designed to protect floors from impact damage during heavy lifts, making them ideal for use in home gyms, garages as well as commercial gyms and crossfit studios. The rubber compound allows for heavy weights to be dropped from height, giving additional confidence when trying to perfect form on movements such as the squat, clean & jerk, press and snatch without the worry of causing damage, making the bumper plates ideal for weightlifting beginners and professional powerlifting enthusiasts.


Slimline Design for Increased Load Capacity

To cope with modern training demands, we have designed the Olympic bumper plates with a more slimline body, allowing for increased load capacity on Olympic barbells to help continuously build strength and increase muscle mass.