15 Minute HIIT Workout

Hiit workouts have become increasingly popular over recent years, with both avid gym-goers and beginners choosing the short, intense “hit” that this kind of workout brings. 

This is a great way to workout for beginners as well as more experienced fitness enthusiasts, as hiit workouts are an accessible form of exercise and they can be modified in so many ways. 

Whether you’re looking to do your hiit workout at home or at the gym, the following is perfect for you, with no equipment necessary besides an exercise mat.

For this hiit workout, you will complete each of the following for 30 seconds, taking a 10 second rest between each exercise. Repeat as many times as possible for 15 minutes. 

Be sure to complete a warm up before getting stuck into this workout.

Sumo Squats

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, with your toes turned outwards, and lower into a squat.

Modify: Use the edge of a chair for support. Start in the seated position and lower back down onto the chair each time you squat. 

Challenge: Incorporate a jump. From the lowest point of your squat, jump up pointing through the toes. 

Tap Ups 

Starting from a push up position, lower your chest to the floor, then push up quickly. As you reach the top of the move, lift your right hand off the ground and tap your left shoulder. Then repeat with the left hand tapping the right shoulder. This is an excellent workout for abs!

Modify: Instead of lowering into the push up, remain in the starting position, lifting the hands to tap the shoulders. 


Bend into a slight squat, then jump up and over to your right, land gently and repeat to your left. Keep going for 30 seconds.

Modify: Instead of going straight into each jump, take a second in between to steady yourself. 

Challenge: Go deeper into the squat for more intensity. 

Push Ups

Begin in the plank position, hands slightly wider than your shoulders, and lower your body down until your chest is nearly touching the floor. Push back up, and repeat. Be sure to engage your core throughout.

Modify: Put your knees on the floor to reduce the weight going through your wrists. 

Challenge: Place your feet on a step or a block for a real challenge. 

Star Jumps 

Start in a quarter squat position, then jump and raise arms and legs out to the sides so your body forms an “X” in the air. Land and lower back into the starting position and repeat. 

Modify: Complete a “jumping jack” instead, jump both feet out and land in the “X” position, then jump back in.

Challenge: Add in a 180 degree turn, so you land facing the opposite direction. 


Start in the plank position and jump your feet up towards your chest, then stand up and reach your hands upwards. Lower back down, hands to the floor, and jump your feet back out into the starting position, and repeat. 

Modify: Instead of jumping your feet in and out, step one foot at a time for a more gentle approach.

Challenge: As you stand up, explode into a tuck jump for extra intensity. 

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